client: NESTLÉ (CZ)


Packaging design, branding

Made at Butterflies & Hurricanes, Prague 2017

background / problem:

Modré z nebe is a traditional Czech brand in the Orion (part of Nestlé) portfolio.

The aim of the rebranding was to bring it closer to the younger audience (20-30s), as it was mostly bought by older customers and constantly losing market share to the competitors.


The expression 'Modré z nebe' in literal translation is 'a piece of the blue sky', however what is means is equivalent to the English expression 'giving the moon and the stars' to someone.

The blue, starry dreamy sky is the base of the new logo.

The product photo has a more natural approach, with pieces of chocolate lying around, making it look more real.

The metallic coloured swoosh serves as a device for flavour differentiation, the background is the same blue throughout the range, which makes the brand stand out on the shop shelves filled with packages of warm colours.

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